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Spooky stuff : Everything about the paranormal.

Mystical Wonders : A very large community of psychics, scientists, occultists, new agers and normal people sharing quality information with each other. Topics like Psychic Power, Healing Energies, Manifestation, Magick, Remote Viewing, Dowsing and much more.

Lazlo Hypnotist - Hypnotist Show, Spiritual Healer, Cosmic Energy : Mr. Laszlo Harasztosi, a.k.a Lazlo Hypnotist the Guinness World Recorder has a spiritual Energy and has ability of healing by touching, curing various illnesses and performing Paraphenomen-Magnetic Energy and Hypnosis shows. Healer : well-known Hungarian Paraphenomen using Human Magnetic

Man and the unknown : Paranormal voices, parapsychology and personal survival after death, mysticism ...

Whitewitch : Love Spells, Beauty Spells, Health Spells, Wish Spells and Money Spells for Wiccans.

Elemental magic

Elemental Magic

Kabbalistic Spiritual Enlightenment in Jewish Mysticism

Kabbalistic Enlightenment

The Alchemical Great Work

The Alchemical Great Work


Elemental magic
Chakras System, Pictures and Chart
Human Aura Reading and Cleansing

New : Alchemy iTest

Find out your alchemical energy !

Alchemy Lessons


Spiritual Alchemy


Kabbalah and the Tree of Life


Chakras System, Pictures and Chart


Human Aura Reading and Cleansing


Elemental Magic : Fire Water Earth Air


Kabbalistic Spiritual Enlightenment

7. The

Alchemical Great Work


Kundalini Awakening

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Links Directory

Alchemy iTest
Kabbalistic Spiritual Enlightenment in Jewish Mysticism
The Alchemical Great Work
The Secret of Israel 12 Tribes : The Tribe of Benjamin, Judah, and the 10 lost Tribes.

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