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Kabbalah.info : Bnei Baruch World Center For Kabbalah Studies.

Book of Love : Discover how the greatest Teachers & Masters throughout history have opened up to hearing the Voice of God within them and exactly how you can do it too !

John Hardaker : Spiritual sites created by John Hardaker, especially about Lucy, medium.

Transendental Temple : Online temple of psychic information to transcend your miind and body and connect your soul.

The body of heaven :There is a reality about our true nature that has been hidden in us right from our beginnings. We have uncovered these mysteries through a divine vision and revelation given unto us through the creator of us all. Yahweh Elohim is this Body of Heaven in His clearness (Ex.24:10), made up of Intelligence, Wisdom, Knowledge, Love, Beauty,Justice, Foundation, Power and Strength. This is the spiritual substance and essence of all things manifested in the Universe.

LifeSpirit Center : New Age teaching and ministerial services, and such religious activities as Marriages, Memorials, Namings and traditional Solstice and Equinox celebrations.

SouledOut.org : Our purpose is to bring the experience of divinity to everyday life in order to cultivate, educate and inspire all towards universal truths.

We Are 1 Creations : A Cyber-Spiritual Journey.

The Professor Mon : Concepts and Poetry of the Tao. Learn Taoism from The Professor - Master of Nothingness. Eproducts to help students of the Universal Tao System.

L/L Research’s web site : L/L Research offers information for spiritual seekers, The Ra Material and Law of One books, and a home for wanderers.

New Paradign Books : publishes books on spirituality, psychic phenomena, time travel, UFOlogy, prophecy, channeling, the Fourth Way, Sufism, mysticism in general, alternative health treatments, and all related subjects.

Beyond the Veil : A Resource Center for Spiritual Seekers.

Centre for Esoteric Studies : The Centre for Esoteric Studies is a non-profit educational organization that fosters a deeper spiritual understanding, and its application to everyday life. Established in 1989, the Centre combines traditional Eastern and Western thought with the teachings of Alice A. Bailey. The results are timeless, tested and true methods to help you attain clear-mindedness. Sara Traub 416-929-5287 - 519-599-5470

The Zoo Fence : A commentary on the spiritual life.

The Mudrashram Symbol : Mudrashram Institute of Spiritual Studies.

Vibrani's One Source : Source integration, personal transformation, evolution of consciousness, healing, multidimensional interstellar communications: articles, channeled articles, poetry (many with Ha'Orah, LaShar, White Buffalo Woman, Enki, Dr. Peebles, the Deva, and others); Native American, peace, human rights, and more.

Khepher.net : Transformation - Evolution - Metamorphosis

Archangel Raphael : Many beautiful archangelic attunements to support you in your life's journey. DNA Activations, a special DNA healing attunement, DNA healing sessions.

Stormshadows Numerology Site : Minister Of The Sacred & Master Adviser in the Art of Numerolinguistics.

Astral Traveler : Awareness - Spiritual Consciousness for this level and beyond. AstralTraveler.com is the portal for Danyel Seagan's Vision of the Possible Human in a Multidimensional Universe.

Martin Euser' site : Scientific spirituality & Gnosis; Vitvan; Kuhn; Massey; theosophy.

New ideas in psychology : The strange world of emotion.

Mira Mare : Aphorisms, Reflexions and Thoughts on Self and Soul.

Elemental magic

Elemental Magic

Kabbalistic Spiritual Enlightenment in Jewish Mysticism

Kabbalistic Enlightenment

The Alchemical Great Work

The Alchemical Great Work


Elemental magic
Chakras System, Pictures and Chart
Human Aura Reading and Cleansing

New : Alchemy iTest

Find out your alchemical energy !

Alchemy Lessons


Spiritual Alchemy


Kabbalah and the Tree of Life


Chakras System, Pictures and Chart


Human Aura Reading and Cleansing


Elemental Magic : Fire Water Earth Air


Kabbalistic Spiritual Enlightenment

7. The

Alchemical Great Work


Kundalini Awakening

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Alchemy iTest
Kabbalistic Spiritual Enlightenment in Jewish Mysticism
The Alchemical Great Work
The Secret of Israel 12 Tribes : The Tribe of Benjamin, Judah, and the 10 lost Tribes.

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