1. Spiritual Alchemy

Alchemy is the art of feeling, transforming and directing spiritual energies through will, visualization of mental scenes, feeling and breathing.

These subtle energies can't be measured by non living scientific instruments, but living people and animals can feel them.

As a first approach, we shall consider three QUALITIES of subtle energies:

- 1. spiritual energy : : the finest energy (intelligence, art, ...)

- 2. social energy the intermediate energy (love, friendship,  ...):  linking spirit and matter

- 3: material energy the heaviest energy (matter, physical strength, ...)

Each person has variable QUANTITIES of these energies.


- an old man near death has very little material energy

- a wrestling champion has a great quantity of material energy

- a volunteer fireman has a great quantity of social energy

- an artist has a great quantity of spiritual energy, , but he has usually less physical energy , and little social energy if he likes being alone for long ...


The Great Work is the art of transforming your inner energies, from the average guy to a great alchemist:

Average person


Great alchemist

We'll study in the following articles exercises improving the ability to feel, transform and direct subtle energy.


Elemental magic
Chakras System, Pictures and Chart
Human Aura Reading and Cleansing

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Alchemy Lessons


Spiritual Alchemy


Kabbalah and the Tree of Life


Chakras System, Pictures and Chart


Human Aura Reading and Cleansing


Elemental Magic : Fire Water Earth Air


Kabbalistic Spiritual Enlightenment

7. The

Alchemical Great Work


Kundalini Awakening

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