2. Kabbalah and the Tree of Life Symbol

At the creation there was one form of Energy, Love between the Universal Father and the Universal Son. Then this Love projected itself in two opposite qualities: Matter and Spirit.

These 3 energies refined themselves into 7 :

        Love  --->



These 7 energies correspond to the 7 chakras, but it is a more general sturucture: it is possible to point out 7 levels between matter and spirit in many systems: firms, social organizations, living cells...

Each of these energies is balanced between 2 polarities: being active or passive, Yang or yin, light or darkness, hot or cold, sun or moon, father ou mother, male or female...

The system becomes:



But one should bear in mind that::

1. Highest spirit is 95% light, sun, active, Yang: there is too little yin

2. Heaviest matter is 95% dark, passive, yin: there is too little Yang 

3. The center , social energy, Love, is the union not only of matter and spirit, but also union of yin and Yang, such as Love brings together male and female, so there is no division of

The system becomes:

yin                      Yang

This is the Tree of Life's bidimensionnal model (vertical dimension: spirit/matter, horizontal dimension: yin/Yang)

As you notice, there is a perfect symmetry between yin and Yang, male and female: this tree of life symbolizes symmetric systems, both male and female: androgynous creatures.

In ordinary reality, systems are usually only "male" or "female"; the "sexual" chakra is therefore only yin or only Yang:


more female, yin


more male, Yang

The average system becomes:

Tree of life, yoga, chakras, energy

We have constructed the Tree of Life's structure. This tree is yin/Yang (yin: left, Yang: right)

Let's permute yin and Yang to obtain a symmetric tree: Tree Yang/yin (Yang left, yin right)

These trees are very efficient to modelize many systems, from human being to firms, social organizations, living cells, ...


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