5. Elemental Magic : Fire - Water - Earth - Air/Wind Correspondences Chart

Aristotle claims :

Earth Fire Air Water
Cold Warm Cold
Dry Moist
Autumn Summer Spring Winter

Note this model suits to circular seasonal systems. Since fire is dry and warm, it corresponds to summer, water is cold and moist, it corresponds to winter, air is hot and moist just like the spring, whereas autumn is dry and colder than summer...

Several old texts claim this correspondence:

"The year is divided into four seasons; the first season is of a frigid complexion, and this is Winter; the second is of the complexion of air, and this is Spring; then follows the third, which is summer, and is of the complexion of fire; lastly, there is the fourth, wherein fruits are matured, which is Autumn" The Turba philosophorum

Let's take the chakra / sephiroths model :

Let's add directions and seasons :

The stereotype man is linked to physical energy (1), work (3), justice of severity (7), and rationality (8). In the stereotype man, the physical Yang (work, 3) and the intellectual Yang (rationality, 8), are balanced by the emotional yin (justice of severity, 7).

The stereotype woman is linked to social (4), communication (6), art (9), and spirituality (10). In the stereotype woman, the physical yin (social, 4) and the intellectual yin (art, 9), are balanced by the emotional Yang (communication, 6).

Note that spirit corresponds to east. For examples, major spiritual Temples were facing East :

Let's add family, political views and tarot correspondences :


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