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Kabbalistic Spiritual Enlightenment in Jewish Mysticism
The Alchemical Great Work
The Secret of Israel 12 Tribes : The Tribe of Benjamin, Judah, and the 10 lost Tribes.

Ancient Civilizations

Atlantis Rising Magazine : Past issue archives and current info on Atlantis, ancient mysteries, alternative science, UFOs, free energy, Egypt and the Pyramids and many New Age topics.

The Orion Zone : Star Correlation Theory in American Southwest. A pattern of Anasazi ruins in Arizona mirrors every major star in Orion.


Astrology Junction : Astrology predictions and full tarot monthly and yearly horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs along with yoga, star signs, and dream dictionary by Astrology Junction.

Astrological Self-Awareness Center : Counseling, individual natal reports, compatibility charts, child reports,transit reports, relocation reports, personality profiles, compatibility profiles, soul card readings and tarot readings by Carmen Turner Schott.

Astrology Readings & Horoscopes : We use our knowledge of astrology to answer your questions about the future. Log on now, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Startlocal Astrologers : Astrologers and Clairvoyants.

Personal Horoscope : Your free horoscope + 2 clairvoyant readings shall reveal to you the secret of supernatural laws for success + your own inner secret powers.

Vedic Astrology Center : The source of Many Free Astrology offers here like a Daily horoscope for every Zodiac Sign .

Indigoray IRAI is a team of professional astrologers that offer expert consulting on matters of concern.

Aryabhatt : Uncover the power of vedic astrology and occult at aryabhatt.com, the complete astrology and occult science portal. Lots of free online services - Ved...

Circles of light : Discover Astrology Signs, Horoscope, and Metaphysics Wisdom.

Circles of Light

Astralis Home Page : Astrology, Graphology, Mysteries, New Age

Horoscope for the new millennium : A book by E. Alan Meece

Zodiac X-Files: Download astrology software based on the lost horoscope x-files from ancient greek, medieval and renaissance sources.


Pleiadian Lightwork - Amorah Quan Yin : Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School.

The Nibiruan Council : Breaking information about our origins and galactic heritage. Serving the Worlds of the Galactic Federation.

Goddess Light : Shelly offers a channeled meditation of the Goddess.

Sounds of Light - Channeling and Sound Healing Events : Sound healing, channeling, and resources to enhance spiritual growth, love, self empowerment, higher-self communication, and play.

Spiritual Knowledge and Soul Growth : Reflexology Chart, Crystal usage & superstition. Zodiac Gemstones, Crystal Skulls, Energies, Earth Vortices, Pyramid energies, Dowsing, Prophecy, Edgar Cayce, Harry Edwards, Karma and Karma of the Kennedy's, Reincarnation, Astral Travel, O.O.B. Transition, Rebirth, Between Lives in Spirit, Atunement, Channellings. Psychic surgery, Trance Healing, Guides, Kirlian, Auras, Sacred Sites. Images.

Bashar website : Bashar is a multi-dimensional being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future.

The Sirian Revelations : Site of world renowned channel for the Sirian High Council, Patricia Cori, offering guidance for the liberation of the human spirit and preparation for celestial and individual ascension.

The Abbotts : A huge website for the New Age with 6 ebooks and lessons, channelings, latest information, low cost courses, books and more!

Talking To Spirit : A refreshing and sometimes humorous look at valid advice for everybody. Channeled material, readings and an Archived Collection of Daily Channeling.


Dmoz.org : Open Directory Project

The Mystica : An on-line Encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal and more...

SpiritFind - A search engine for spiritual sites, includes sections on ascension, channeling, healing, meditation, psychics, and more. Updated daily!

Retreat Finder: Directory of spiritual and healing retreats and facilities for individuals and groups, including listings of employment opportunities and retreat property for sale

Meta Religion


Whisperingspirits : Psychic readings from the heart.

Wishing Moon : Honest, accurate psychics, blessed with the gift, guided by spirit and dedicated to helping you with a true psychic reading.

Psychic Reading : Numerologist, Palmist, Tarot Interpreter. Psychic readings and Psychic Development Courses. Australia's most popular phone psychic.

Email a Psychic : Top professional psychics answer your personal questions on past, present and future, Love, Romance and Career - by Email.

Psychics and Psychic Readings : Psychic and Clairvoyant readings, solutions for love and relationship problems from our gifted psychics.

Psychic Tarot Readings : A site full of psychic information, email and phone readings, with free absent healing and advice.

Djuna Wojton - A Visionary Teacher : Medicine woman, seer, author, yogini, and visionary teacher, Djuna Wojton, (pronounced Juna Woton) has established herself nationally as an eloquent, transformative force in contemporary metaphysics and holistic healing arts.

One Force : Psychic Readings, Numeronics, Artwork by Emma and Rick Ferguson.

Healing and life readings : from internationally respected conscious mental trance medium, Rev. Jean Holmes, ucm, CHT. Talk to family members, spirit guides, Chief Red Cloud, Master Healer Lee Chow, Archangels.

The Psy-Center Community : The Psy-Center is a melting pot of spiritualists, mediums, intuitives, and clairvoyants joined together with enthusiasts from around the world to share and discuss like interests.

AskClair, Professional live psychic consultations by Clair : Live psychic consultations, on love, life, money, health, children and travel. Clair offers Tarot, Blessings, and Egyptian readings. She advises on gemstones, herbs and essential oils. All Tarot Readings Receive a Numerology Report !

Ann George - Clairvoyant Psychic : Tarots, clairvoyant readings, psychic readings, past life readings, spiritual counseling, energy healing and herbal alchemy for transformation. Shop for hand poured ritual candles, herbal incense, occult books, trance ambient music, and healing products in her Mystic Store.

Serena's Guide to Divination : An informative and unusual guide to divination and fortune-telling including instant readings using dice, dominoes, chien tung and mah jongg. Find out how to use palmistry, face reading, body reading, podomancy, kumalak, phallomancy, astrology, geomancy, lunar phases, tarot and playing cards and much, much more..."

Healing From Within : Spiritual Consultations, Reiki training and Intuitive Tarot readings. A holistic and compassionate approach to personal growth and inner healing. Receive simple yet effective tools to help you transform limiting patterns and create positive changes in your life. Online and phone sessions available.

Psychic Marie! : "Accurate caring psychic, psychic readings, especially on love, jobs and career!"


Conscious Lifestyle : The Six Levels of Higher Consciousness.

Life Now: Life Now is an experience. It can become an enlightened path. You learn to define horizons and reach what you desire to achieve in life. You discover answers about how to achieve your potential and accomplish your desires. You experience time in meditation and relaxation. Life Now allows you to discover your inner self. Introspection can give you a new view of life and free you to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Thee Trinity Creation : New Age Spiritual Web Site, Unifying Energy, Spiritual Knowledge, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Enlightenment, Meditation, Life Destiny, Symbols Meaning, Dream Interpretation, Life wisdom, Higher Consciousness, Spiritual Love, Compassion, Numerology, Sacred Numbers.

The Light Party : Proactive wholistic, educational, empowerment party promoting Health, Peace & Freedom For All.

Mushaba Light : Welcome to the light and power of Mushaba Light.


NATURAL SOURCE : AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, Arthritis , Leukemia, Lymphomia, Tumors, Autoimmune Diseases , HIV, Opportunistic Illnesses... Official Beljanski's natural nutritional supplements.

Alternative Cancer US : Side-by-side comparisons of 12 of the most recognizable alternative cancer treatments. Ordering information and directions to email forums and testimonials are provided for most treatments.

Mesothelioma.net : Free resources to mesothelioma patients and loved ones.

VegWeb : The place for Vegans and raw foodists.

Soil And Health Library

Colon Cleanse and Cleansing Zone : An informative site with lots of content and articles on colon cleansing.

About vitamins : comprehensive vitamin and home remedy index, including information on vitamin benefits, deficiency symptoms, and food sources.

Free health care information : A great resource for health information. We provide various information on diseases with their symptoms, causes and treatment.

Body, Mind & SoulHealer : Free your mind, body, and spirit naturally! Naturopath and medical intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise, PhD can help you identify what is really going on and provide you with straightforward guidance and advice. Find a full line of nutritional and health products.

Ayurvedic Alternative Herbal Medicine : The best in Traditional Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Remedies, Alternative Medicine, Herbal Supplements, Herbs, Essential Oils, Diet Consulting, Massage oils, Teas and Spices

AyurHelp.com : Consultations in Ayurveda, Rejuvenation ,virility therapies. Alternative remedy for male impotency and infertility, Beauty products and beauty tips,Solution to chronic health problems.

Aumara.com : The Aumara Light & Healing Circle ~ A Place for Healing & Inspiration. Enrich your life with spiritual healing and powerful healing crystals, join us in global healing and meditation, browse our inspiration gallery and teachings library, and much more for the traveler on the spiritual path.

Ayurveda For You - Your online resource of Ayurveda- Science of Life ! Learn Ayurveda through ebooks, email courses, newsletter.


Love and Light Bridge around the World : Reiki, Massage, Tai Chi, Raw Foods and more !

Reiki Connect : Subtle Energies, located in Hickory Corners, MI, offers Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki & Urevia healings and classes. reikiconnect.com sells reiki massage tables and a full line of metaphysical products.

Personal Development Workshops - South Florida : Personal development workshops and seminars by Journey To The Heart. Offering personal development workshops in hot stone massage, reiki healing, shamanism, trance dance and more!

InnerLight : Information about the activities and interests of a small group of healers and therapists based in Hertfordshire, England.

Spiritual Response Therapy : Experience profound healing through Spiritual Response Therapy! Discover the remarkable freedom from anxiety and stress. At last, higher quality of life and relationships !

Gainesvillereiki.com : Terry's Reiki Site and Class Information....


Mysterious People : Strange powers, psychics & mediums, poltergeist girls, occultists, feral children.

Sacred Science Institute : Mystico-Magical Cosmological Portal.

Creative Harmonics : Rowena Pattee Kryder"s works in Sacred Art, Sacred Science and Consciousness.

Philosopher's Wheel : Bach, Chakras, Tarot.

Virtuescience.com : Ready for a breakthrough? Ebook: "Inner Medicine" contains new character improvement discoveries and some powerful exercises. Also innovations in Sacred Geometry and the Kabbalah.

Hermetic Philosophy & the Mystery of Being

Occultopedia.com : An Encyclopedia of Occult Sciences and Knowledge.


Tantric Pagans : An occult/magical portal containing ideas from different magical paradigms, from a Tantric's viewpoint. A bridge from the world of magic to the world of archetypal psychology. Helping readers to transform their reality by first transcending beyond societal structures, beyond the ego mind complex and to maximize the effects of their will and magical powers on the cosmos.

Amazing Indotalisman : Amazing magickal products straight from the Arabian Nights! Includes genies, talismans, magickal pearls, bezoar stones, empowerment rituals, knowledge papers, etc.

Magic Wands of Wizardry : We offer a variety of magic wands. The Harry Potter fans love the wish granting abilities of our mango wood magic wands (starting at just $13.95). We also offer more elaborate magic wands, scepters, staffs, magical amulets, sacred geometry devices, crystal pendants and more. All of our magical tools are designed and built on grounded understandings of subtle energy and metaphysics.

Amazing Magic Spells Love Spells & Money Spells : Magic spells like love spells money spells also talismans, charms , voodoo dolls and informations on wcca and witchcraft available.

Order of the White Lion : Magical ! A colourful new look at the unity of old beliefs. Karma, Astrology, Qabalah, Angels, Fairies, Nature, Religion, Healing, &much more! Great images.

Magick : Basic overview of Magic, Zodiac and Elements with gemstone meaning.

Divine Love Light: Professional spell-casting services for love, money, luck, self-improvement & much more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you. inspirational articles, spiritual gifts, & more. Your heart's desires can become reality. Visit us today.


Quit Day : How meditation and alternative medicine helps people quit smoking.

Kofutu Personal Development, Meditation and Spiritual Healing : Access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of Kofutu symbols. Learn Kofutu techniques for healing yourself and others. Classroom and home study courses are available.

The Meditation Centre : Welcome to the meditation centre, techniques to discover that feeling of positive well being.

The World Wide Online Meditation Center : A user-friendly site, offering clear, concise meditation instruction on a variety of methods from various spiritual traditions.

New Age

University Of Metaphysical Sciences : Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, D.D., Ph.D., Degrees in Metaphysics, low tuition, payment plans as low as $50/month. Free newsletter, visit our online store. Internet downloads or postal mail delivery of courses, non-profit 501(c)3.

Conspiracy City : Dedicated To Paranormal, Aliens, Conspiracy, Crop Circles News & More.

Inspiration Line : A colorful free eMail newsletter for those seeking encouragement and positive life coaching.

Enhanced Healing Through Music : Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem....

Metaphysical Home Page of John & Micki Baumann : Includes a Sedona Vortex Map, also articles on Understanding the Masculine & Feminine Side (yin & yang), Personal Growth, Metaphysical Properties of Quartz Crystals, A Centering Exercise, Wisdom for a New Age, Using a Pendulum

Turtle Island Creations : Hand-crafted Cherokee Medicine Jewelry for personal development, healing & protection. Fast-reader pendulums for dowsing. Subtle energy tools. Original angel & fairy art. Miracle II Soap products. and much more!

The New Age Wholesale Directory : A listing of the best New Age Distributors, Wholesalers, and Dropshippers.

Avilion : The Avillion Corporation is a Non-Profit (501?(3)) Educational Organization serving Nature, Humanity and Spirituality in very simple and Natural ways.

IASOS and the Realms of Celestial Music : Iasos is a Music Creator, specializing in celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music. He is also one of the original founders of "New Age music..

Multidimensions.com : Multidimensional Consciousness for New Age

Cosmic Awareness Communication : Lessons of Enlightenment, Network of Light, Visualization, World Peace Experiment.

Webspirit New Age EBooks Spiritual Growth Resources : New Age Spiritual and Personal Growth Resource. EBooks for download and purchase. Topics include Personal Transformation, How To, Alternative and Natural Healing, Contemplation and Inspiration, Internet Marketing, EBooks, Music and more great titles added all the time.

The New Age Wholesale Directory : A listing of the best New Age Distributors, Wholesalers, and Dropshippers.


American Cancer Society : Information and Resources for Cancer.

Life Coach : Sally is a life coach based in London. She works with her clients face-to-face, enabling them to achieve clarity and focus and to determine strategies for positive change.

News From Nahziryah Monastic Community : "For the consciousness expansion and further spiritual development of all existence". Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Master - Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD). Highlights include consultations w/ Reverend Nazirmoreh(ABRD), mountain top retreat, holistic living, organic gardening, meditation, Omniversity, alternative health care, newsletters, incense and oils catalogs, holistic living catalog, metaphysical/ esoteric/ holistic health book catalog, art gallery and portrait painting studio and more.

Virtual fitness trainer : Online Personal Training and Health and Fitness package all rolled into one !

India hotels : We provide hotel reservation services in Katra, Jammu Kashmir and all over India at discount prices. Find luxurious hotels in India online.

Travel-Directory.org: All you can travel!

Universal Light

Paranormal Ring

Moon Daughters

Witchy Writers

Yoga Sites

Weaving the web

Vedic Astrology


Whispering Woods : Serious study of witchcraft and other pagan related religions.

Anamspirit.com : Information on shamanism, holistics, dowsing, divining and shamanic healing practices in Ireland - including courses, holidays and small group tours to Irish sacred sites.


Spooky stuff : Everything about the paranormal.

Mystical Wonders : A very large community of psychics, scientists, occultists, new agers and normal people sharing quality information with each other. Topics like Psychic Power, Healing Energies, Manifestation, Magick, Remote Viewing, Dowsing and much more.

Lazlo Hypnotist - Hypnotist Show, Spiritual Healer, Cosmic Energy : Mr. Laszlo Harasztosi, a.k.a Lazlo Hypnotist the Guinness World Recorder has a spiritual Energy and has ability of healing by touching, curing various illnesses and performing Paraphenomen-Magnetic Energy and Hypnosis shows. Healer : well-known Hungarian Paraphenomen using Human Magnetic

Man and the unknown : Paranormal voices, parapsychology and personal survival after death, mysticism ...

Whitewitch : Love Spells, Beauty Spells, Health Spells, Wish Spells and Money Spells for Wiccans.


Shalom Place Christian Spirituality Resources : "Resources for growth in Christian spirituality, including newsletters, discussion lists, bookstore, discussion forum, internet programs and more."

Torah teaching, Old Testament studies : In-depth inter-disciplinary teaching and study of the Torah and the Old Testament, presented from a Hebrew Roots perspective. Free download of the streaming audio or audio files of the teachings, plus the accompanying Powerpoint graphics.

Holy Quran : Alhamdulillah we are able to teach the Quran using the Internet worldwide. Learn to read Quran Online with our expert tutors having extensive education and experience.

Christian Unite

Plus a Guide to understanding God's Word Online called "Walking in New Life". Lots of fun resources and more.

Moronacity : Email, home page, search directory, and informative online journals.



Kabbalah.info : Bnei Baruch World Center For Kabbalah Studies.

Book of Love : Discover how the greatest Teachers & Masters throughout history have opened up to hearing the Voice of God within them and exactly how you can do it too !

John Hardaker : Spiritual sites created by John Hardaker, especially about Lucy, medium.

Transendental Temple : Online temple of psychic information to transcend your miind and body and connect your soul.

The body of heaven :There is a reality about our true nature that has been hidden in us right from our beginnings. We have uncovered these mysteries through a divine vision and revelation given unto us through the creator of us all. Yahweh Elohim is this Body of Heaven in His clearness (Ex.24:10), made up of Intelligence, Wisdom, Knowledge, Love, Beauty,Justice, Foundation, Power and Strength. This is the spiritual substance and essence of all things manifested in the Universe.

LifeSpirit Center : New Age teaching and ministerial services, and such religious activities as Marriages, Memorials, Namings and traditional Solstice and Equinox celebrations.

SouledOut.org : Our purpose is to bring the experience of divinity to everyday life in order to cultivate, educate and inspire all towards universal truths.

We Are 1 Creations : A Cyber-Spiritual Journey.

The Professor Mon : Concepts and Poetry of the Tao. Learn Taoism from The Professor - Master of Nothingness. Eproducts to help students of the Universal Tao System.

L/L Research’s web site : L/L Research offers information for spiritual seekers, The Ra Material and Law of One books, and a home for wanderers.

New Paradign Books : publishes books on spirituality, psychic phenomena, time travel, UFOlogy, prophecy, channeling, the Fourth Way, Sufism, mysticism in general, alternative health treatments, and all related subjects.

Beyond the Veil : A Resource Center for Spiritual Seekers.

Centre for Esoteric Studies : The Centre for Esoteric Studies is a non-profit educational organization that fosters a deeper spiritual understanding, and its application to everyday life. Established in 1989, the Centre combines traditional Eastern and Western thought with the teachings of Alice A. Bailey. The results are timeless, tested and true methods to help you attain clear-mindedness. Sara Traub 416-929-5287 - 519-599-5470

The Zoo Fence : A commentary on the spiritual life.

The Mudrashram Symbol : Mudrashram Institute of Spiritual Studies.

Vibrani's One Source : Source integration, personal transformation, evolution of consciousness, healing, multidimensional interstellar communications: articles, channeled articles, poetry (many with Ha'Orah, LaShar, White Buffalo Woman, Enki, Dr. Peebles, the Deva, and others); Native American, peace, human rights, and more.

Khepher.net : Transformation - Evolution - Metamorphosis

Archangel Raphael : Many beautiful archangelic attunements to support you in your life's journey. DNA Activations, a special DNA healing attunement, DNA healing sessions.

Stormshadows Numerology Site : Minister Of The Sacred & Master Adviser in the Art of Numerolinguistics.

Astral Traveler : Awareness - Spiritual Consciousness for this level and beyond. AstralTraveler.com is the portal for Danyel Seagan's Vision of the Possible Human in a Multidimensional Universe.

Martin Euser' site : Scientific spirituality & Gnosis; Vitvan; Kuhn; Massey; theosophy.

New ideas in psychology : The strange world of emotion.

Mira Mare : Aphorisms, Reflexions and Thoughts on Self and Soul.


Psychic Path : Tarot reading and intuitive readings by Reverend Kelli Cares.

Clairvoyant Tarot Readings By Jules : - Free automated Tarot readings, in-depth personal relationship readings, a free library of Tarot card meanings, and more.

Annie's Tarot : Tarot readings by Annie


Acharya Chandrahas Sharma : Siddha Yoga, Prabhuji Ramlalji,  Chandramohanji Mahara.

Ayurveda Health care for Men : Ayurveda health care for Men .Free consultations in ayurveda.Ayurveda remedy and treatment for impotence (erectile dysfunction), low libido, low sperm count, low sperm motility and male infertility.

Yoga Movement : An online magazine about the practice of yoga and meditation. Includes articles, texts, a directory of top yoga sites, a listing of yoga centers, and helpful resources.

Yoga Insight : Yoga Insight is a wonderfully insightful website dedicated to the ancient practice of physical and spiritual transcendence. Explore the oneness of all things and learn more about various forms of Yoga at Yoga Insight.

The Yoga shop !


The Gem Quarry : The source for quality crystals and minerals.

Amerindea's Free Magic Spells : Free magic spells with gemstones for love, money and protection.

Satin Crystals : healing crystals, jewelry, pendulums, balls, wands.

Healing Crystals : owned and operated by Foundation for Balance and Harmony a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation "Dedicated to Healing the Planet, One Person at a Time."

North Star Crystals : We offer over 100 different types of natural crystals, gems & minerals in hundreds of different forms. Polished & unpolished, pendulums, pendants, chips, geodes, clusters, points, spheres, eggs, wands and more.....

Easycrystals UK Crystals Shop : Crystal healing information and crystals - tumble stones, crystal healing stones, chakra balancing stones and birthstone packs and other crystals - available direct from our online UK shop.

Psyche's Garden: Crystal Specialist : Over 375 different crystals and minerals, jewellery, tumblestones and raw samples. Aromatherapy products, the finest incense and a unique range of music. A wide selection of spiritual statues and symbols from many traditions along with inspirational books and cards. Our extensive choice of literature covers the healing disciplines, eastern thought, a variety of new age faiths and divination techniques.

Crystals & Fossils UK : The UK’s favourite website for online sales of unique UK fossil specimens, & globally sourced healing crystals, minerals, palmstones, geodes & clusters. Based in Malvern, UK.

Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing : Healing tools, crystals, wands and dowsing pendulums, Aromatherapy products and Music for relaxation.

Crystal Cure : Gem stone and crystal healing, symbols, totems, magic spells, dream meaning.

Online Shops

Ritual Magick : Wiccan/Pagan Altar Tools & Supplies: We offer all the Magickal items you're looking for! We have built a reputation for High Quality Products, Fast Worldwide Shipping, and Discreet Packaging.

Ka Gold Jewelry : Ka Gold and Silver jewelry ! Excellent as a gift with a meaning. Wear it as a talisman or just for because of its impressive beauty.

SpellSpot Discount Wiccan & Pagan Supply : SpellSpot is a Pagan owned shop offering a wide selection of ritual supplies, jewelry, books and music. Complimentary spells, gemstone and candle magick information.

The Wiccan Way Online Store - A Shop For Wiccans, Pagans, Witches & Occultists : Shop For Wicca, Pagan, Celtic, Witchcraft, Occult, New Age, Metaphysical, Ritual & Divination Supplies, Incense, Herbs, Oils, Books, Spells, Videos, Jewelry & CDs. We've got over 2000 different products to choose from and we're still growing. We offer you fast shipping, great prices, & excellent customer service. Come see us!

Mystic Unicorn : Neon posters, Neon Clocks and Sculptures, Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies, Herbs and Spices, Incense, Candles, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Jewelry, Books, Windchimes, Fountains, Garden, Feng Shui, Egyptian, Oriental, Celtic, Southwestern, Betty Boop, Harley Davidson, Coca Cola, Pepsi, NFL MLB NHL Sports collectibles.

Elemental magic
Chakras System, Pictures and Chart
Human Aura Reading and Cleansing

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Spiritual Alchemy


Kabbalah and the Tree of Life


Chakras System, Pictures and Chart


Human Aura Reading and Cleansing


Elemental Magic : Fire Water Earth Air


Kabbalistic Spiritual Enlightenment

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Alchemical Great Work


Kundalini Awakening

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Alchemy iTest
Kabbalistic Spiritual Enlightenment in Jewish Mysticism
The Alchemical Great Work
The Secret of Israel 12 Tribes : The Tribe of Benjamin, Judah, and the 10 lost Tribes.

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